Retirement Village Early Resolution Service

People can encounter any number of issues while living in a retirement village. We all have the right to live peacefully in and around our own home, but sometimes what you do will impact other residents, in the same way their behaviour can impact you. If left unresolved, these worries and concerns can really impact your wellbeing and your enjoyment of life in the village. Sometimes it's hard to know where to get help.

The Retirement Village Early Resolution Service (RVERS) is funded by the Retirement Village Association and provides a free, independent resolution service for residents, their families and village operators.

About this service

It's an off the record, non-judgemental place for you to speak with a friendly, trained person about matters such as:

  • Problems or concerns you have about the village
  • Understanding what's happening from various perspectives
  • Exploring your options and what you might want to do about the concern
  • Developing a plan of action
  • Implementing your plan for resolution.

The concerns you might encounter may range from problems with fellow residents and operators, to disputes between neighbours or disagreements about your occupation right agreement.

Common disputes between residents can include issues about excessive noise, parking arrangements, the behaviour of pets and the maintenance of trees and hedges, to name a few.

How the process works

RVERS is operated by Fair Way Resolution and provides an impartial, independent service that aims to listen, understand and guide you towards resolution.

It does not decide who is right or wrong but will give you the confidence to raise concerns that are important to you.

When you contact the service, we will talk through your concerns, assign a specialist experienced in working with retirement village issues or suggest who else may be able to help. If it's appropriate, the specialist will contact you at a convenient time to clarify your concerns and discuss the next steps you might like to take.

The cost

You can contact the RVERS to discuss any concerns about living in the village as often as you need. There is absolutely no cost to you to do so.

Where to start

To start the early resolution process, register here or please call us on 0800 77 44 08 for a confidential discussion.