Caroline Hickman

Resolution Practitioner
0800 77 44 20
Hawke's Bay, Waikato
Voice of Child Specialist, Elder Care, Family dispute resolution (FDR), Relationship Property, Workplace disputes

I have been a family court lawyer since 1993. Over the years I have facilitated countless successful resolution-focused meetings for clients and child clients. I trained as a mediator with LEADR in 2009 and have practised as a mediator since 2009.

I became a specialist Lawyer for Children in 2001 and Youth Advocate in 2007 and Counsel for the Subject Person (in PPPR Act proceedings) and my practise covers child care and contact, relocation, guardianship issues, relationship property, Youth Court and elder law.

Mediation allows the parties to explore what other issues may be hindering resolution and empowers parents and caregivers to make their own decisions in the best interests of their children. I am privileged to be part of that process.

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