Dan Goodkind

Resolution Practitioner
PhD in Clinical Psychology
0800 77 44 20
Family dispute resolution (FDR)

Get in touch with Dan:

1) For mediation clients: fdr@fairwayresolution.com
2) For psychology clients: dangoodkind@resolutionclinic.nz or visit www.resolutionclinic.nz


Dan Goodkind  is a registered clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist and certified mediator. He is affiliated with Resolution Clinic in New Plymouth.  Dr. Goodkind is a member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychology.  He is accredited as a mediator and FDR Provider by the Resolution Institute of Australia/New Zealand.  

Dan has expertise in the provision of short-term treatments for anxiety and depression and longer-term psychotherapy for emotional trauma and relational problems. He also provides psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for adults and children including children with developmental and learning disabilities. Dan is a psychology and neuropsychology services provider for ACC. 

Dan immigrated to New Plymouth, New Zealand in 2009.  He worked for the Taranaki District Health Board between 2009 - 2013. His time there was divided between the Adult Hospital Service, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and the Department of Paediatrics. 

Dan lived and worked in Northeastern Utah between 1997 - 2009. In 2000, he founded the Ashley Family Clinic, a small mental health clinic that made psychological services available to child protection and youth corrections agencies and the District Court as well as approximately 50,000 residents of the rural region.  Dr. Goodkind was a Clinical Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology for the University of Utah between 2001 - 2009.