Jan Riwhi

Resolution Practitioner
0800 77 44 20
Family dispute resolution (FDR), Workplace disputes

For more than 30 years, I have worked in employment relating to couple separation and the care of children following separation. This began in 1987 with 15 years as the Family Court Co-ordinator in Invercargill followed by work as a Counsellor receiving  referrals from the Family Court as well as other places. When changes occurred within the Family Law System in 2014, I sought to train and work as a Family Disputes Mediator, so I could continue practicing in this field and assist couples to work out suitable arrangements for their children following separation. I believe every child deserves a good healthy relationship with both parents.

I am a registered social worker and have a masters degree in social welfare (MSW) specialising in counselling and family practice.  Other qualifications and experience include an understanding of various forms of domestic violence, addictions and tikanga Māori. The research I chose as part of my MSW was about shared parenting and focussed on what makes parenting arrangements following separation work best for children. 

I have a real passion for this work and have embraced the many changes that have occurred over the last 30 years. I like the process of FDR mediation and think it gives couples and families a positive framework to help them move forward.

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