ACC and Mediation

Mediation seeks to find agreement without a formal review process.

If mediation does not work you can still proceed to a full review.

Contact Fair Way directly (not ACC) to find out more about mediation. 

Mediation costs are paid by ACC. You have to pay any other costs.

How Fair Way can help you and ACC reach agreement quickly

The ACC review process can be long and involved. Mediation can help you and ACC come to agreement without a legal process.

Anyone involved in a dispute can request mediation, but it can only go ahead if everyone agrees. If you're considering mediation, contact Fair Way and speak to a Resolution Coordinator.

How does mediation work?

For mediation to be successful you and your ACC representative must come to agreement.  Mediations aim to reach agreement through discussions, teleconferencing or meetings in person.

Your mediator, without providing advice, will listen to you and work with the parties in search of a result that is satisfactory to everyone involved. All Fair Way mediators have extensive experience and are members of the Arbitrators' and Mediators Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ).

ACC meets the main costs, including coordinating the mediation, providing the mediator and if required, providing a venue. You will be responsible for meeting your own costs, unless agreed otherwise.

If mediation does not resolve the dispute you can consider the other Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. Alternatively, you may choose to apply for a review of your case.

You can still go to the more formal process of an ACC review where a binding decision will be made.