ACC Dispute Resolution: Costs

Direct costs are covered by ACC.

You can ask your reviewer to award the costs of preparing your case and evidence.

The amount you can receive is limited by legislation.

Who pays for resolving your dispute?

ACC will pay the direct costs of the Dispute Resolution process and the review. These include the costs of providing a hearing venue and the reviewer or mediator costs.

The reviewer can decide to award the person applying for the review some money to cover the costs of making the application. Normally you will need to request that the reviewer considers your costs in their decision.

Costs that may be covered

Under the legislation, a reviewer may award contributions towards some of the additional expenses incurred during the review process.  These awards are limited by law and may not cover the full cost.

Awards may include contributions towards:

  • Legal Fees –the cost of using a lawyer or an advocate to represent you at the hearing
  • Medical reports - the cost of a medical report for your hearing
  • Travel – the cost travelling to the review
  • Other expenses - costs for other expenses such as photocopying, child care, telephone charges or time away from work.

More specific information is outlined in the Accident Compensation (Review Costs and Appeals) Amendment Regulations 2017. Alternatively get in touch with us on 0800 77 44 14.