Apply For A Review

You must apply to ACC to request a review with Fair Way.

A Fair Way Resolution Coordinator will contact you to arrange a hearing with arrangements for a meeting to discuss your case.

You should consider if you wish to have legal representation in the hearing.

At any time any party can ask for a legally binding review of ACC's decision.

Applying for a review

You must apply to ACC for a review within three months of their decision. Late applications are only accepted in some circumstances.

Some of examples of those who can apply for a review are:

  • an injured person who is unhappy with a decision made by ACC
  • an employer challenging cover for a work injury
  • an injured person (or representative) who believes there has been an unreasonable delay in making a decision
  • a levy payer disagreeing with the classification of their levy.

If you would like to check if you can apply for an ACC review, contact your ACC representative or call Fair Way on 0800 77 44 14.

Starting the review process

ACC will assess their decision and work with you directly on finding a resolution. 

If they believe their decision is correct or if you cannot reach a resolution together, ACC will will pass your application to an independent dispute resolution provider. 

You can request a review with Fair Way. We are an independent dispute resolution organisation and we have a team of reviewers who can manage your ACC review. 

ACC will schedule a time for your case conference with Fair Way and send us the details of your dispute. The case conference will be conducted by one of our expert reviewers. 

You may wish to appoint a lawyer or advocate to represent you at the case conference or review, although this is not required.