How to apply for an ACC review

FairWay Resolution organises ACC reviews for people who do not agree with a decision or outcome of their ACC claim.

As soon as you have a decision from ACC you can apply for a review. You must apply to ACC for a review within three months of the date of the decision. In special circumstances, ACC can extend this time, but you should not rely on this.

To apply for a review

Fill out an ACC33 application form. You can download a copy of the form from this site, or you can get a copy at any ACC office. Or you can write a letter that says:

  • you are applying for a review decision
  • the date of the ACC decision
  • your reasons for wanting a review
  • the results you want from the review.

The review application process is also outlined on the ACC website, which includes information on where to send your review application.

What happens next?

ACC will take another look at the decision in your case. If it decides to stay with its original decision, ACC then sends a copy of your application to FairWay Resolution and the review process begins.

If ACC decides to change its decision, it will let both you and us know, and you can withdraw the review.

You can decide to withdraw from the review at any time, and do not have to give either ACC or us a reason.

However, you will have to let us know in writing. You can either send a letter or fill in ACC's withdrawl form. You may also want to call or email us and we can let ACC know before you put it in writing, so that any arrangements for a hearing can be cancelled.

Is the review hearing recorded?

Yes. Reviewers are required under ACC legislation to keep an accurate record of the evidence given at the hearing. For this reason, all hearings are recorded on a digital audio recorder. The hearings are kept for two years for appeal purposes.

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