Need a decision on a building or construction matter? Arbitration is a quick and private determinative process.

About this service

Arbitration is similar to having a private judge. It is a formal process where an independent person makes a decision on a dispute, governed by the Arbitration Act 1996.

Arbitrations can be completed far more quickly than Court hearings, with many cases being able to be determined within just a few weeks.  Arbitration also provides for total confidentiality and is more cost-efficient than going to Court. The parties decide on their own process, timeframes and rules, with the assistance of the arbitrator.

How the process works

1. Get in touch

Fair Way will guide you through the process of:

  • engaging the other party
  • appointing an arbitrator.

2. Case Conference (if required)

If required, a case conference will be arranged. This is an opportunity to:

  • define the issues
  • agree next steps
  • establish a timeframe.

3. Arbitration

The parties provide:

  • information
  • evidence
  • submissions.

The arbitrator will:

  • make a decision.

The cost

Before you commit to arbitration, we will quote a fixed fee in most circumstances.

Where to start

To start the arbitration process call us on 0800 77 44 02. We will talk through the process.

We can assist you to engage the other party and can give you an indication of the fee based on the information you give us.

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