Body corporates and unit title holders

Whether you are a Body Corporate Manager in a dispute with a unit title holder or another business, the dispute may be negatively impacting your time and finances. A good option is to use the assistance of a specialist mediator to help resolve the dispute.

Examples of typical issues faced by body corporates

  • The effect of behaviour of an owner or occupier on the other owners and occupiers of the unit title development

  • Non-compliance with body corporate operational rules

  • Non-payment of body corporate levies

  • The repair and maintenance of common property

  • The governance of a body corporate

What does specialist mediation look like?

At Fair Way, we understand that you want to get on with other things so we provide a fast, expert dispute resolution service for a fixed cost. With the help of a specialist mediator, you and the other party may be able to reach a confidential agreement — usually within a few weeks.

Fair Way's dispute resolution service is more than just putting you in touch with one of our specialist mediators who is familiar with the Unit Titles Act 2010, Unit Titles Regulations 2011 and other aspects of owning and managing a property. We also have a team of administrators who liaise with both parties to make sure the management of the case is smooth and professional, and that there are no surprises.

Mediation can happen as soon as both parties are ready. You can avoid waiting years for the dispute to work its way through the court system while you worry about winning or losing thousands of dollars. The outcome of your mediation stays confidential to the parties. Unlike the court, mediation doesn't happen in the glare of publicity.

The mediated agreement may be a more creative solution than parties could normally expect from the court process therefore leading to better outcomes for both parties.

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