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How do I prove to the court that I’ve been to mediation?

You will be given a copy of an FDR outcome form to show that you have attended mediation. It is important to keep this in a safe place as you will need to attach it to your application forms if you proceed to Court.

This form is valid for 12 months and if you do misplace it, or are not able to provide it for any reason, the local Court staff will be able to check your attendance at mediation when you file your forms.

Do I have to attend mediation with my ex-partner?

Mediation requires both parties to attend. The FDR mediator will work with you to design a mediation process which helps you to manage attending mediation with your ex-partner.

If you have concerns for your safety or the safety of your children please dial 111 or speak with a lawyer immediately.

Do I have to attend in person?

While mediating in person is certainly the preference for many people, technology has opened up the possibility of mediation for others. 

We have videoconference options available for people who are unable to attend in person.

Videoconferencing may suit people who live far apart, who are unable to travel or people who are unable to meet up face to face.

Will the FDR mediator sort out property?

The FDR service is primarily for resolving parenting arrangements for your children. However, you may discuss relationship property at the mediation if your mediator agrees, and the resolution of a property matter might support your care of children decision. Any agreements made in mediation about relationship property are not legally enforceable. You must go to Family Court and apply for a Consent Order if you want your agreement made into a court order.

Fair Way offers a separate relationship property mediation service to assist former couples to divide property in an efficient and cost effective way. If you would like to find out more visit the Relationship property disputes webpage or contact us at

I am feeling stressed. Where can I get support?

Your mediator can refer you to preparation for mediation to assist you in preparing for mediation. This service is free if you qualify for government funding and aims to help you prepare for discussions you need to have at mediation about your children.

There are many other support services available including Strengthening Families, Shine, Skylight and Barnardos. We encourage you to talk to someone if you want support. FDR Resolution Coordinators can give you information about support services that may be available in your area.

How long will FDR take?

We do our best to arrange your FDR quickly so you can move on with your lives, but it can sometimes take around six weeks

If you have concerns for your safety or the safety of your children you should dial 111 or speak with a lawyer immediately.

I am confused and don’t know what to do

Talk to us, we can help you through the process of Family Dispute Resolution.

Call us on 0800 77 44 20 and talk to one of our FDR Resolution Coordinators.

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