We can conduct a review or investigation for any workplace matter, providing you with an independent report and recommendations. Bringing in Fair Way ensures the integrity of the process and findings.

We take time to understand what's going on for you and your people. We develop terms of reference and a process that works for you. This might include interviews with your team, reviewing your processes and policies, and looking into the facts behind a matter.

We manage the process in confidence and with sensitivity. Our independence enhances the value of the findings. We provide you with valuable insights and recommendations that you can use to inform your next steps.

Benefits for your people include:

  • Transparent and fair process
  • Opportunity to be heard
  • Clarity brings finality

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Quality process
  • Credible and experienced investigators
  • Factual findings for informed decision making
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Meet statutory employment obligations
  • Strengthen internal processes
  • Manage potential reputational risks

Contact us by emailing, freephone 0800 77 44 08 or via the webform.