Kāpehu is a coaching service focused on solutions.

It is a safe space to talk about work, create a plan and get guidance. Anyone experiencing a challenge can benefit from a conversation with Kāpehu — including people leaders and managers of all tiers.

This confidential service supports and guides people, taking existing organisational resources into account such as HR, EAP and unions.

Once your organisation has signed up, your people contact Kāpehu directly to arrange one‑on‑one sessions with practitioners experienced in conflict resolution, usually over the phone.

Benefits of the service for your people include:

  • Build conflict management capability
  • Increase resilience
  • Self-manage situations
  • Feel empowered & supported
  • Resolve issues professionally & quickly

Benefits of the service for your organisation:

  • Reduce work related stress & anxiety
  • Identify & resolve issues early
  • Prevent escalation of issues & costly grievances
  • Improve workplace productivity, culture & engagement
  • Create more positive team dynamics

Contact us by emailing workplace@fairwayresolution.com, freephone 0800 77 44 08 or via the webform.