Managing conflict in the workplace

In today’s ever-changing workplace, it is important to equip your people with the skills that will help them build trust, connect with empathy, communicate clearly and de-escalate conflict. 

Having these skills will pave the way for organisations to build stronger teams despite the challenges associated with working remotely, high turnover due to the great resignation and rising levels of stress.  Having the ability to provide a safe space invites conversation rather than confrontation.

We have used our experience and combined it with market insight to provide a series of training modules targeted at people who are currently having to navigate difficult conversations. As teams navigate new working styles, several issues are coming to the surface and causing conflict in various forms.

Fair Way’s workplace learning can help you:

  • Use conflict resolution techniques to build trust within teams.
  • Recognise the importance of connecting with empathy in order to embrace a hybrid workplace. 
  • Utilise different communication styles and understand why miscommunication can happen. 
  • Recognise the causes of conflict and empower people leaders with a strategy.

Our learning programmes can be presented either online or face to face. The sessions are designed to be interactive and will give you practical tools you can implement immediately and use on a day-to-day basis.

The following subjects are just a sample of some of the areas we cover:

Module 1 - Building TRUST during disruption

Key learning: Define what 'trust' looks like, for you and your team, understand how it is broken and what steps you can take to rebuild it.

Module 2 - Empathetic connection

Key learning: Empathy is feeling with people; discover how choosing to exercise empathy fuels connection in the workplace and can have a positive effect on business objectives. 

Module 3 - Communication 

Key learning: Identifying what conflict is, how you respond to it and how to restructure the conversation for a productive outcome to a workplace dispute. 

Module 4 - De-escalation of conflict

Key learning: learn about conflict hooks and how to identify the causes of entrenched conflict. Use proven strategies to de-escalate conflict and productively manage strong personalities in your workplace.

Module 5 - Bullying and Harassment

Key learning: develop an understanding of what would constitute bullying and harassment by looking at the legal framework and caselaw. Examine how organisations can identify bullying, support the victim and the perpetrator through process and policy, and raise awareness of the role of the bystander.

Module 6 - Unconscious Bias

Key learning: learn about the origins of unconscious bias, how to raise your awareness of it and prevent bias becoming prejudice in the workplace.

Delivery Considerations:

Session Size: in-person maximum 16 attendees, online maximum 40 attendees

Come and talk to us about your requirements and we will find a solution that works for you.

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