Bernard Lock

Client Director
BProc, LLM
09 915 8213
ACC Dispute Resolution

As an experienced barrister and solicitor, Bernard is passionate about the law, its application and its evolution.

Bernard is the Client Director of FairWay’s independent ACC dispute resolution services. This includes facilitation, mediation, conciliation services, and reviews of decisions made by ACC. Within this role, Bernard manages the operation of our ACC services and provides technical guidance from a legal perspective. Bernard is also involved in engagement with the wider ACC sector, including lawyers, consumer advocacy groups and representatives from ACC.

Bernard joined the FairWay team in 2012 as a Reviewer, but he has also worked as an adjudicator in our Financial Dispute Resolution Service and as a Technical Lead in our ACC review services. Bernard is known for his solution focused approach, and he played a key role in FairWay’s service delivery improvement programme which introduced improvements that enabled more effective case management, more engagement with customers throughout the process and a better customer experience. 

With over 20 years’ experience as a litigator and negotiator, Bernard knows the importance of objectivity. He believes that is important for legal professionals to listen, to question legal thinking and challenge the application of the law. Before moving to New Zealand, Bernard ran his own practice in South Africa and was involved in several high-profile employment law cases.

Bernard is enrolled as a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand, and was also admitted as a solicitor in the Republic of South Africa.