Skill Development (Training)

Our consultants design and conduct a wide range of customised modules in negotiation, mediation, conflict management, communication skills, health and safety and other areas.

The aim is to build individual skills and improve relationships through these modules.

We can design a programme to specifically address an area of competence or alternatively we can work with you to diagnose your needs. We also offer one-on-one mentoring, and conflict coaching to help your people develop skills and put them into practice.

Why invest in developing conflict management skills?

Organisations that invest in building capacity for constructive conflict management reap the rewards through improved internal and customer relationships and reduced costs.

Whether your call centre staff need to be upskilled in complaints handling, your managers need to be more effective negotiators, or an internal team is unproductive because of conflict, our consultants can design a workshop or programme that meets your needs.

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How do we develop your skills?

Getting you the results you need is our focus for skill development delivery. One size does not fit all, so understanding your objectives is a critical first step. We will then develop a programme using techniques and structures to achieve your objectives.

Examples of skill development delivery include large group plenary seminars, smaller group interactive workshops and remote video conferencing. The workshop and seminar formats are interactive, fun and based on the best adult learning principles including experiential discussions and learning, role-plays and applied theory.

We can also include follow-up sessions or one-on-one coaching to embed the skills and make sure you get the most from your investment in skill development.

For more information about this service, please call us on 0800 77 44 08 or email

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