Reviewers’ Benchbook

FairWay has recently been in contact with the Office of the Ombudsman regarding the document known as the “Reviewers’ Benchbook” (“Benchbook”). This is now being released under the Official Information Act 1982.

Benchbook is a compilation of summaries of case law that has been produced for reviewers of FairWay, formerly Dispute Resolution Services Limited (DRSL). Historically, DRSL engaged a senior reviewer with legal qualifications to develop the Benchbook. Over time this has been updated as a reference guide.

It should be noted that Benchbook is a reference document which was produced internally to assist FairWay reviewers, this can be referenced alongside their own legal research and access to other legal databases and resources. Benchbook has not previously been provided to ACC/respondents or applicants or advocates/representatives or other parties to a review. FairWay’s Benchbook contains guidance material only and should not be read or relied on as legal advice.

Benchbook published here on FairWay’s website is at May 2016, please note this document will not be updated further (last updated December 2015) as FairWay is moving to the direct use of online case law from July 2016.

FairWay is committed to informing and providing information to the public which will assist them in understanding the review process and is tailored to applicants’ needs. This provides access to further information within our website around the review process. As we develop further useful information to assist applicants we will update this page. 

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