COVID-19 – Latest update from FairWay

Updated 23 March 2020 

Like you, we have been preparing for the situation that has just been announced. 

In doing so we have been developing our working from home capability and completing the creation of our virtual office. 

What does a virtual office mean? 

  • All our services remain open 
  • You can continue to get in touch with our team as usual – by phone and email 
  • We will use videoconferencing and our online meeting platform to deliver services.    

As we all get used to a new way of working, we will endeavour to provide the same high level of service our customers are used to.  We appreciate your understanding of these changed circumstances. 

Scheduled events 

Over the past few days, we have contacted customers who had face to face reviews, mediations, workshops or other services scheduled for the coming week to make videoconference or online meeting arrangements.  

If you have an event scheduled in the coming four weeks, we will be in touch with you shortly. 

We are committed to providing a full range of dispute resolution services and are confident of our ability to continue to do so. 

We will continue to stay in touch with our clients and customers and update you as the situation develops.   


If you do have any questions, please get in touch with our team on the numbers below: 

  • Fair Way Resolution - 0800 77 44 22 
  • ACC Reviews - 0800 77 44 14 
  • Building and Construction Dispute Resolution Service - 0800 77 44 02 
  • Commercial and Private Dispute Resolution Service - 0800 77 44 08 
  • Employee Liaison Service - 0800 35 55 55 
  • Family Dispute Resolution - 0800 77 44 20 
  • Financial Dispute Resolution Service - 0508 337 337 
  • iStudent Complaints - 0800 00 66 75 
  • Telecommunications Dispute Resolution - 0508 98 98 98 

We appreciate your support and understanding as we work through this situation.