Fair Way directors to strengthen new direction

18 December 2013

Fair Way Resolution Limited (Fair Way) shareholding Minister, Judith Collins, has announced the appointment of two new directors of the Crown-owned company*. The directors are Mr Daniel Nakhle and Mr Mark Sandelin.

"Fair Way is at a crucial stage of development seeking to broaden its business base for its conflict management services, " says Ms Collins.

"With this wider strategy in mind, the appointment of Mr Nakhle and Mr Sandelin will add significant value to Fair Way's competitive position.

"Mr Nakhle's private sector directorship and entreprenenurial experience will be an asset to Fair Way as it capitalises on new business opportunities.

"Mr Sandelin has extensive experience in dispute resolution having acted both as mediator and as counsel in mediations. His networks will be invaluable to Fair Way's development efforts in the mediation sector".

A large part of Fair Way's current business is providing dispute resolution services for ACC. However it also works with the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution scheme, the Financial Dispute Resolution scheme and Real Estate Authority (REA) as well as providing conflict management advice to a number of public and private sector clients.

"Mr Nakhle and Mr Sandelin are a welcome addition to Fair Way's Board and its dedication to a more diverse client base and sustainable future for the company", says Ms Collins.

The new directors will serve a three-year term joining Peter Blades (Chair), Anita Chan, John Spencer and Tupara Morrision as part of the Fair Way Board of Directors.


* Please note from July 2017 Fair Way Resolution is an independent, employee-owned company.