Fair Way launches dynamic case management system

Fair Way Resolution launched its dynamic case management system for staff earlier this week after a year of development with its technology partner, Resolve. A portal offering ACC review applicants, their representatives and ACC staff access to the case management system will be made available in the New Year.

Fair Way expects a significant positive change to current operations through the implementation of its case management system. It will accomplish Fair Way’s goal of realising an electronic work management model, moving away from the current paper-heavy processes. The new system also supports a national model for automated work assignment and distribution. All cases will come to a central pool and are allocated out to staff based on availability, workload and skills. The centralised scheduling of hearings, mediations and case conferences will also save significant amounts of time, and will allow a better distribution of work.

With the new case management system, applicants and their representatives will be able to access resolution services, submit and receive information, view their case information, respond to schedule requests, and interact with Fair Way via a web portal. This allows them to see and understand the steps in Fair Way’s business process and track the progress of their case. They are informed of events and deadlines and are reminded of any upcoming events or deadlines to minimise delays and associated adjournments. Fair Way has taken every possible precaution to ensure that the private information of customers will remain safe and secure.

The case management system offers Fair Way the flexibility and scalability it requires. As Fair Way grows and current clients’ needs change, the system will allow Fair Way to create new workflows and/or reconfigure current processes in-house with minimal external support required.