FairWay supporting Whanganui as a restorative city

Whanganui is recognised internationally as a restorative city. This demonstrates a commitment to relationships and wellbeing across the wider community, which FairWay supports.

While restorative practices may be well known in criminal justice, they actually have much wider application. At the heart of any dispute is a relationship, so restorative practices can be used in a range of situations including care of children, commercial, workplace and public-sector issues.

“FairWay supports the vision of Whanganui as a place where conflict is resolved in a positive manner. We know that people in conflict can benefit most from working collaboratively, so we have local mediators who provide opportunities for people in this area to resolve conflict through a restorative approach. This means creating a space for conversation, development of workable plans and healing,” explains Denise Evans, Principal – Dispute Resolution at FairWay.  

A primary focus for FairWay is on dispute resolution which enables parents and caregivers to resolve disputes about care arrangements for children. Keri Morris, Client Director of Family Services at FairWay explains:

“We’ve been working on an initiative which has the potential to make a real difference for many families. During the week beginning 25 March, a group of FairWay mediators will join their Whanganui colleagues to provide an opportunity for 20 Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) mediations to take place in a week. The aim is to provide a space for families from the Hawera, Marton and Whanganui area to resolve their parenting disputes and build a plan that works for their family.

“Lawyers and family professionals can refer people to FDR and can even attend mediation with their clients. These families will be empowered to make their own practical decisions about their children, with the assistance of an experienced and independent mediator. During the week, FairWay will have a ‘pop up’ office in Whanganui where we will be based each day to work with parents.”

The FairWay team would also like to engage with community organisations, family services providers and organisations in the Whanganui area during this time.

“We would love to learn more about the fantastic work that is going on in the Whanganui community and also to share information about FairWay, FDR and our other services. If you are interested in meeting with us, please reach out,” said Keri.

To refer someone to FDR

It is free and easy to refer someone to FDR. Simply fill in this referral form and email it to fdr@fairwayresolution.com

If you would like any more information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0800 77 44 20 or email us at fdr@fairwayresolution.com

To arrange a meeting

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