Fair Way's role in the Ministry of Justice's Family Dispute Resolution service

Fair Way Resolution will be a nationwide Supplier of Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) services when the Family Court Reforms take effect on 31 March 2014. Fair Way is proud to be a supplier of this important mediation service that will help separated families resolve their parenting arrangements without needing to go to court. We strongly support the government’s aim to help families settle their own disputes out of court as it will result in better outcomes for parents and their children.

Fair Way’s FDR service has been designed to ensure that children’s wellbeing stays at the heart of family mediation. We will help families to focus on their children’s needs when discussing parenting arrangements, and we also give parents some tools to help them resolve parenting disputes that arise in the future.
The purpose of this document is to set out how we are working with the Ministry of Justice (the Ministry) to deliver a world-leading FDR service to New Zealand’s families.

Fair Way is a nationwide Supplier of FDR services

Fair Way has a contract with the Ministry to be a nationwide Supplier of FDR services. That means we contract providers (mediators) and preparatory counsellors (Relationships Aotearoa) to deliver the mediation service and where necessary to provide counselling to help prepare parties for mediation.

Flow diagram

We are in the process of contracting with FDR providers located throughout New Zealand. We expect to be able to offer families a choice of well over 100 mediators located at 61 locations throughout New Zealand.
As an FDR Supplier, our role is to establish the infrastructure to enable providers to supply a consistently high quality service to parties. We will provide some initial training in the Fair Way principles of family dispute resolution, monitor quality standards and support their work with a case management system.

We have worked with the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ), the New Zealand Law Society and LEADR to ensure we can offer families access to providers who meet high competency requirements.

Our FDR service is supported by dedicated resolution co-ordinators who are focused on providing excellent customer service, helping parties to set-up and complete mediation resulting in agreement.

For more information about Fair Way’s FDR service, email fdr@fairwayresolution.com.