Five ways with FairWay

Did you know that Fair Way provides several services which are free for consumers in many cases? Here are five of the ways that Fair Way can help resolve your dispute today.

ACC Reviews and Dispute Resolution

If an ACC customer is unhappy with a decision made by ACC, Fair Way can help resolve their dispute.

One of the ways we assist is by conducting an independent review of ACC’s decision. Fair Way considers all evidence provided and makes a legally binding decision to uphold or reject ACC’s position. The review process is free for ACC customers.

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Family Dispute Resolution

Fair Way have a range of family services, including Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).

FDR is mediation service that is designed to help families make their own parenting arrangements. The mediator works with all parties to reach a practical agreement that supports the best interests of the child. FDR is free if you qualify for government funding.

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Financial Dispute Resolution Service

Financial Dispute Resolution Service is an approved dispute resolution service by Fair Way.

If you have a complaint about financial service provider who is a member of our service, then we will work with you and your financial service provider to reach agreement on your complaint. This service is free for consumers.  

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iStudent Complaints

iStudent Complaints is a free and independent service, administered by Fair Way.

iStudent Complaints resolves contractual and financial disputes between international students and their education providers.  We can arrange an interpreter if needed. This service is free for both the student and their provider.

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Telecommunications Dispute Resolution

Having problems with your phone or internet provider?

Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) is an independent service to help consumers manage complaints about their telecommunications provider. Whether it’s a landline, mobile or internet issue, it’s free to resolve your complaint with TDR.

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About Fair Way

Ko te kai a te rangatira  he kōrero – The food of chiefs is dialogue.

At Fair Way, we know the path to resolution begins with a conversation. Fair Way Resolution Limited is New Zealand’s largest specialist conflict management and dispute resolution organisation. Fair Way is an independent, employee-owned company and each year its’ team manages over 16,000 disputes, reviews and enquiries.

Fair Way offers a range of services, including mediation, adjudication, arbitration and specialist coaching to help people to prevent and resolve complaints, disputes and disagreements in both the public and private sectors.

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