Helping families to help themselves

Our Family Dispute Resolution service is now in its fourth year and in that time, we’ve helped thousands of families to reach agreement.

“One of the best things about coming to work is hearing all the great outcomes that we’ve helped families to achieve. We know that most parents can make good decisions for their families, they just need the right tools and support,” says Rhys West, Acting Chief Executive of FairWay.

Most families going through change think they need to go through a lawyer or the Family Court to reach a parenting agreement, but there is another way.

Family Dispute Resolution is a confidential process whereby an independent and impartial mediator assists parents to reach their own parenting arrangements for their children. It’s part of FairWay’s dedicated conflict and dispute management services.

“We play an important role in the Family Justice system. Families undergoing change can avail of Parenting Through Separation courses and Family Dispute Resolution mediation services to help them to make great parenting decisions. Our Family Dispute Resolution service empowers people to make parenting agreements without the time, expense and stress of going to court,” says Rhys.  

FairWay has had some great successes along the way. We’re sharing some of our facts and figures to help encourage more families to resolve their issues.

“We know that it can be a stressful time for families, but we’re here to support them. Last year, 83% of families resolved one or more issues with help from our Family Dispute Resolution team. We’re an easy and accessible alternative to the court system, especially as many families are entitled to 12 hours of fully-funded Family Dispute Resolution services. I’d encourage any family going through change to get in touch with our team. With more than 80 accredited Family Dispute Resolution mediators around New Zealand, we’ll have the right fit for New Zealand families,” says Rhys.

Check out our new infographic poster below.


More information, including a short video, is available on the Family Dispute Resolution webpage or call the Family Dispute Resolution team on 0800 774 420 if you have any questions.