Leadership means action, not a title

Written by Logan Craig

We live in a world where people want things in an instant. Instant fame, fortune or success - yet don’t want to sacrifice what is needed in order to have that level of fame, fortune or success. However, the thing I have noticed about success is that it’s made up of multiple small decisions resulting in gradual change that lasts. A little incremental effort or sacrifice can make all the difference.

In working with people, I hear this common desire that I think sits with every person and that is to be successful to some capacity. For me I believe the place that success needs to start is in the home. I have a strong belief that if authentic leadership was role modelled first in homes across our country, the landscape of our future would look vastly different for all the right reasons.   

Strong sound leadership in the home can help see our youth suicide rate decline, our binge drinking culture be halted, and help stop the current generation making life threatening decisions that produce destruction instead of a dynasty. Leadership can lift the lid on others so they can respectfully stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before them and achieve greater levels of success.

So now I hear you asking... how do we lead from the home? 

Firstly, realise you are a leader. Every human is a leader. Why? Because you can influence, and you will be watched by others on many occasions throughout your life time. The sooner you are comfortable with this the better. Too often we go about our day to day thinking because you don’t have a title or senior position you’re not a leader. The day you were named was the day you became a leader. You have been given a voice to be heard, a mind to be used and a functioning body to be an example.

Take insight from one of my favourite movies Pursuit Of Happyness. There is a scene where the character Chris Gardneraka Will Smith is walking down the street when a red Ferrari pulls up and a man in a suit hops out andasks two powerful questions. What do you do? And how do you do it? 

The encouragement I’m trying to make here is never stop being a student. Always take opportunities to learn and become a better person first which will make you a better leader. If someone is doing what you do and getting an outcome you would like, see it as an opportunity to learn and grow before seeing it as a threat.

So much of who I am as a parent was shaped from how my father and mother raised me. Something I appreciate about that is that I now get to decide the upbringing my children receive. It won’t always be perfect, it won’t always seem fair from their perspective but if it helps them become a better person and contributes to a better world, my role as a parent and leader is complete.     

I’ll leave you with a final question, are you a boss that says GO! Or a leader that says LET’S GO! Lead a life that leaves a legacy.

About the author

Logan Craig is a Resolution Coordinator at Fair Way, guiding parties through the dispute resolution process.

Logan is based in Wellington and works in the Family Services team.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Logan or learning more about Fair Way, please phone 0800 77 44 22.