Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Written by Genessa Tabak, Client Delivery Manager

I love this phrase as it pertains to so many aspects of our lives - what we do at work, resolving disputes, our personal health and wellbeing, our fitness, our happiness and environment factors such as climate change to name a few. 

Do we like change?  It really depends on how it's led.  How we as individuals take ownership for it.  People engage and thrive in times of change if they have genuine input to the process and can take personal ownership for what they are going to do differently. What we don't like is having change forced upon us, change will never be successful until personal ownership is taken.

Since I started at Fair Way three years ago there has been change to our ownership model, many processes, new ways of working entirely and organisational changes - this is because we do need to achieve different outcomes based on a continuously evolving commercial, client and customer environment.  

I feel there has been a real shift to the way our organisation has adapted to and leads through change over this time we have become more agile and change resilient. Change now involves the whole team and a lot more personal ownership. Change works best with diversity of thinking, you can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them.

As a leader I have learnt we need to involve others/experts in meaningful ways from as early as possible where input is valued and utilised to determine the right outcomes.

So, what does it take for us as individuals to be comfortable with change and to take ownership?  

We need to firstly understand the WHY the rationale for change, what are we trying to achieve? What difference are we trying to make? How will it improve customer and business outcomes? How will it make our jobs easier?  But it can’t stop there… we need to connect with change personally. It’s easy as a leader to be focused on analysis and quantitive measurements of change but it’s harder to understand fully the impact of change on individuals as it will vary greatly. The ability to openly speak up in a safe environment is crucial.

I have learnt the best outcomes and most successful changes have been where the team has been involved throughout the entire change journey, from initial scoping, developing, implementing and championing changes. If we understand the WHY and share the vision for success change will become the norm.  Things don’t always work out quite as anticipated, but change is about being agile and fixing things along the way if they don’t quite go to plan. There are changes occurring across all our teams at present and one thing for certain is can take control by putting your hand up to take part in opportunities, projects etc you don’t need to wait to be asked…seize the moment…take ownership.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

About the author

Genessa (Gess) is a Client Delivery Manager for ACC Services at Fair Way and is based in the Christchurch region. With over 15 years operational and leadership experience, Gess says that she enjoys an authentic leadership approach and gets the greatest satisfaction from empowering her team to succeed in their greatest goals.

Gess has completed many leadership, coaching and business management qualifications over the years including project management and continuous improvement to continue to build on her skills and learn new approaches in a world of constant innovation and change.

If you would like to get in touch with Gess, please contact her by email at