Privacy Week – From principles to practice

Each year FairWay participates in Privacy Week (7 – 11 May 2018), which is led by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

This year’s theme ‘From principles to practice’ was set by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Embracing this theme, we looked at ways we could better put the privacy principles into practice.

We decided to go back to one of the foundations of all our privacy work– FairWay’s privacy statements. While FairWay has always had privacy statements on each of our websites, we decided that some visual cues would make it easier for our customers to read and understand this information.

FairWay Privacy Statement

“Icons are a great way of visually portraying content and we thought they would be a great addition our privacy statements. We started by thinking of customers who may not speak English as a first language and our designs grew from there. We’ve now rolled out customised icons across the privacy statements on all four FairWay websites as part of our Privacy Week activities,” said Rebecca Lee, Privacy Officer. 

 “As part of privacy Principle Three, agencies must take reasonable steps to ensure that people they collect information from are aware of why it is being collected and who might receive it, among other things. We think our new icons help put this privacy principle into practice and help bring our privacy information to life,” said Rebecca.       

More information

You can read our privacy statements here:


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