Support for people leaders navigating COVID-related issues in the workplace

Written by Samantha de Coning

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Support for people leaders navigating COVID-related issues in the workplace

The COVID-19 protection framework, vaccination mandates and rising levels of stress mean that many people are currently having to navigate tricky and sensitive conversations in the workplace, and we know it is not easy. This is particularly true for those teams that are transitioning back to the workplace and starting to reconnect.

At Fair Way, we combined our experience with what we are seeing in the market to develop training sessions specifically to support people leaders and similar professionals who currently lead difficult COVID-related conversations with their people.

It is important to equip your people leaders with skills that will help them build trust, make empathetic connections, communicate clearly and de-escalate conflict. Possessing these skills will pave the way for people leaders to build stronger teams despite the challenges associated with hybrid working, trying to harmonise views on vaccination and setting priorities for the year ahead.

This training is designed to give leaders some practical tools they can implement immediately to create a safe space that invites conversation rather than confrontation.    

The modules available include:

Module 1 - Building TRUST during disruption

Key learning: Leaders will learn conflict resolution techniques to help them build trust within teams.

Module 2 - Empathetic connection

Key learning: Recognising the importance of connecting with empathy and how this approach can have a positive effect on an organisation’s objectives and its people.

Module 3 - Communication 

Key learning: Create awareness around different communication styles and why miscommunication can happen. 

Module 4 - De-escalation of conflict

Key learning: Recognising the causes of conflict and equipping people leaders with the tools to de-escalate conflict and form a strategy.

Module 5 - Bullying and Harassment

Key learning: Developing an understanding of what would constitute bullying and harassment by looking at the legal framework and caselaw.

Module 6 - Unconscious Bias

Key learning: Developing an awareness around unconscious bias and the impact it can have on others in the workplace.

Beyond the training listed above, Fair Way offers a range of bespoke and general training programmes delivered by experienced practitioners using insights from our real-life experience in the field of mediation and dispute resolution. Training can be provided as two-hour training sessions, half day or full day workshops. Our training programmes can be presented either online or face to face, and further information can be found on our website.

This is what attendees from a training session last month had to say…

“Thank you for your time and presentation, it’s really supportive and informative.”

“Thank you for sharing. This is a difficult time for all of us, particularly in Covid Central Auckland.”

“Thank u team for a wonderful session, Rawe!”

Your next steps 

Agile companies with the skillset to navigate change while putting the wellbeing of their team first will thrive in 2022.

Employers across Aotearoa partner with Fair Way to proactively improve wellbeing, build internal capability and positively address conflict.  

If you would like to find out more about Fair Way’s workplace training programmes, please get in touch via or 0800 77 44 08. 

About the author

Samantha de Coning

Samantha de Coning FAMINZ (Mediation), BJuris, LLB is Head of Practice at Fair Way Resolution Limited.

The focus of her role is on developing dispute resolution practice across Fair Way, as well as her own work as a mediator, adjudicator and arbitrator.

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