Turning grizzles into gold

Why iStudent Complaints dispute resolution service is important for New Zealand’s economy and how a similar dispute resolution service would be good for the education sector.

FairWay’s Denise Evans has presented a paper at the ANZELA 2017 Conference today, based on her experience and findings from iStudent Complaints, an independent dispute resolution scheme that encourages the swift settlement of contractual and financial disputes between international students and their education providers in New Zealand.

In this paper, Denise presents her argument that complaints are a gold mine for organisations:

“Customer complaints are a source of ‘free’ market research, where analysis of complaint themes can be used to better align your products/services to customers’ interests and services.

Research has found that customers who have a positive experience with a complaint management system have a more positive view of the company than those who have not complained. A good quality, well designed, complaint management system can improve customer loyalty.”

Her paper also champions the use of independent and neutral third parties to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, while also preserving relationships:

“Complaints can happen anytime and anywhere. This is especially true in the education industry because the sector deals with people’s lives, futures and hopes for themselves and their children.  Whether it is a misunderstanding, disagreement, issue complaint or dispute it needs to be solved in a way that is cost effective, efficient and least damaging to the people involved.

Turning grizzles into gold

Click here to read a copy of the paper.

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