Building and construction

If you are in dispute about a building or construction project, Fair Way can help. Click here for more information or call 0800 77 44 02.

Master Builder disputes

A free and independent early facilitation service for homeowners to work through any concerns with a registered Master Builder

Online dispute resolution

Fair Way’s building and construction online dispute resolution service is a cost-efficient and timely way to resolve disputes. It empowers you to resolve issues online, anytime, and anywhere. Simply login, follow the steps and keep up to date with the dispute’s progress online.

Mediation of disputes

Many disputes relating to building work arise from misunderstandings between the homeowner and contractors. If you have tried discussing the problems with each other but cannot agree on the way forward, mediation can be a good choice if both parties agree to participate. We can help you reach agreement.    

Adjudication of construction contracts disputes

Under the Construction Contracts Act 2002, you can refer a dispute to be determined by an adjudicator. Fair Way is an Authorised Nominating Authority who can appoint appropriately qualified, trained and impartial adjudicators to determine construction disputes.

Arbitration of construction disputes

Arbitration is like having a private judge. An independent person decides on the building or construction matter. Arbitrations can be completed far more quickly than Court hearings, with many cases being able to be determined within just a few weeks. 

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