Fair Way works with organisations to prevent, manage, resolve and learn from conflict.

Here’s how we can help your organisation to build relationships with your internal and external stakeholders through effective conflict management.

Preventing conflict

We work with our clients to prevent destructive conflict at the earliest possible point using a number of strategies.

Our services in this area are tailored to your unique needs and include developing a positive conflict culture, implementing structures and procedures to manage destructive conflict as early as possible, skill development, coaching interventions and collaborative problem solving.

Benefits of our conflict prevention services include reducing the number of internal and external complaints, preventing the escalation of complaints into costly disputes, reducing the cost of conflict to your organisation, and preserving and strengthening relationships.

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Managing conflict

Managing external conflict

We help enhance our clients’ reputations by helping them design and implement fair, transparent, international best practice conflict management schemes that protect the rights of consumers.

Our services range from reviewing internal complaints processes, to designing external complaints review processes, to providing fully outsourced ‘end-to-end’ dispute resolution schemes provided under a client’s brand. Dispute resolution schemes are unique to each organisation or industry group, and usually include a complaints triage service, case management, facilitation to seek early resolution, communication of the scheme to targeted consumers, and analysis to identify systemic issues.

The benefit of ‘best practice’ conflict management systems and services provided by Fair Way experts is largely measured by consumers’ satisfaction with the accessibility and expediency of the service.

Managing internal conflict

We also help organisations effectively manage internal conflict. We work with organisations to identify where conflict resides by using analytical tools, and then develop solutions and interventions to build conflict competencies.

Organisations that understand the value of managing their internal relationships, appreciating different interests and perspectives adds value and reduces the cost of conflict.

Resolving conflict

We offer our clients access to one or more dispute resolution services to resolve and or settle disputes or complaints. 

Our services include facilitationconciliation, mediation, adjudication and arbitration. Our team provides services that cover the full dispute resolution continuum, which means that parties can start by using the most cost effective and most controllable service (facilitation), escalating to more directional service if their dispute remains unresolved. Within our ethical boundaries, we also provide specialist hybrid services to clients with unique needs. 

All our mediators and adjudicators have professional qualifications and are accredited members of professional alternative dispute resolution bodies. Our peer review system ensures conflict resolution outcomes are consistent, robust and technically sound.

Learning from conflict

We help our clients to tap into their conflict experiences and to draw out lessons that exist, but are often not obvious. We also help our clients to know what they don’t know about themselves. Through this analytical process, we help organisations build new systems and interventions, and provide further bespoke capability building programmes.

Customer complaints, particularly if centralised through a single gateway, can be a valuable source of business intelligence to organisations wanting to improve their customers’ experiences. Our team helps clients by capturing, recording, analysing and reporting on complaints data. We gather and analyse critical intelligence to detect developing or entrenched issues that may not be uncovered by the usual channels of research.

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