Fair Way offers a range of dispute resolution services tailored for schools and other education providers to save time, reduce reputational risk, protect students and preserve relationships.

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Why use a dispute resolution service?

  1. Social media has changed the pace and visibility of disputes which means that education providers are at risk of negative and unwanted publicity for the provider and the students.
  2. Early use of a dispute resolution service enables complaints and disputes to be resolved positively and collaboratively.
  3. Flexible processes such as facilitation, negotiation and mediation occur in a confidential, informal and creative setting, which ensures the interests of all people involved and the education provider can be factored into the solution.
  4. An independent service can work with other professional industry bodies as well as education providers, parents and students to reduce the cost of dispute resolution and avoid the more expensive involvement of lawyers and the Court.

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How can Fair Way help?

Independent Investigation informs fair and robust decision making

We can conduct an investigation into specific events, conduct and complaints.

We will work with you to develop the terms of reference for the investigation to ensure that you end up with a report that is useful for your purpose.

We independently gather facts, apply analysis and can make recommendations on options for resolution of any specific issue as well as report on systemic issues.

Mediation can result in an outcome that everyone can live with

We can provide highly trained and credentialed mediators who will assist the parties to identify the issues, their interests, develop options, consider alternatives and create agreement.

Mediation offers an opportunity to not only resolve the particular dispute, but also collaboratively build future-focussed processes, policies and communication strategies which will prevent future disputes.

Arbitration can achieve a result when parties can’t agree

Arbitration is a voluntary decision-making process that involves an arbitrator, chosen by the parties, to make a binding decision. The process is designed by the parties, is confidential and final and binding on the parties, with limited rights of appeal.

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Who should use this service?

Anyone involved in the education sector. This service is available to all education service providers, parents, Board of Trustee members, Principals, and students.

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