Our brand

Our brand

Kia tau means to settle, to resolve, to calm. It’s our job to kia tau.

Working between all parties, we collaborate and negotiate, we discuss and we listen, we are informed and always fair. We treat our clients and their issues with empathy and understanding. Always, we are a safe and trusted pair of hands, working towards finding a fair solution, no matter the complexity.

For more than 20 years, Kiwi organisations have partnered with Fair Way to prevent and manage conflict. We support Kiwi businesses, workplaces, families, and consumers through our range of private services and public schemes. We make a difference for New Zealanders each day.

In the workplace arena, we are innovators. Having introduced new services to Aotearoa based on international best practice, we are always looking for ways to resolve conflict early.

We settle and resolve issues. We educate and innovate. You benefit from restored and strengthened relationships. We create the calm that everyone is looking for.

Our logo

Our logo is inspired by the mangōpare design, which represents the hammerhead
shark. It is a symbol of strength, determination, leadership and agility.

The symbol is created with three lines. In toi whakairo (art of Māori carving)
the repetition of three lines (haehae) represents the three elements that makes up
a journey: past, present and future. Peoples’ past issues bring them to Fair Way for
resolution in the present, and together they can move forward to a peaceful future.

Another interpretation of the design is that the outside lines represent two parties and Fair Way is the middle—supporting them, guiding them forward and bringing balance to their dispute.