Building and construction

Independent help to resolve disputes and keep projects moving

Building projects can be very stressful – especially when disputes arise.

How we can help

Whether you’re a homeowner, property developer, a builder, subcontractor or tradesperson, disputes can cause serious onsite tension and expensive building delays.

It can be very hard to see a way forward, but Fair Way’s dispute resolution service for building and construction matters could sort your issues out without costly legal action.

Our specialist experts help resolve disputes arising from contracts or anything else associated with the building process, such as delays, workmanship, payments and design work.

You can find out more about Fair Way’s dispute resolution options to sort building and construction issues below. 

Work through issues together

  • Master Builder

    Facilitation resolves issues early

    This service is free to Master Builder members and their customers.

  • Mediation

    Find a way forward together

    An independent mediator supports you to explore the issues and options.

We make an independent decision

  • Adjudication

    An adjudicator makes a binding decision

    Adjudication is often an efficient way to resolve invoice and payment disputes in construction.

  • Arbitration

    An arbitrator acts like a judge

    Arbitration can be used for a range of issues. It’s a quicker and more private alternative to court action, with a binding decision made.

Chat with us

Which path is for you?

Call our team to ask what dispute resolution option would be best for your issue. Fair Way has a team of highly skilled and experienced resolution practitioners who are familiar with building projects and building and construction law.

They have seen and dealt with many building and construction disputes and are willing and available to resolve yours.

To ask questions, get more information or even get started, contact our friendly team on 0800 77 44 02,  using the link below, or by email at