Got a dispute? FairWay Resolution Limited can help with:

Information on our independent, unbiased ACC dispute resolution services
Disputes around building and construction services

Helping people to resolve commercial and private disputes

FairWay provides an independent arbitration and mediation service to resolve commercial rent and lease disputes.
Helping families resolve parenting arrangements
Complaints/disputes about a financial service provider

Helping international students resolve complaints with their education provider

Assisting former couples with relationship property disputes

Disputes with a telecommunications company

Employee Liaison Service (ELS) provides confidential coaching for work issues

Conflict management cycle

What we provide

FairWay delivers services in all aspects of the conflict management cycle. And we do it in an innovative, personalised and entirely fair way. As well as helping to manage and resolve existing conflict, we're constantly discovering and providing new ways to reduce it. We'll share our knowledge and experience with you, helping you to build stronger relationships in the future. And we'll adapt our services to suit your situation, so you'll always get the expertise you need.

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