Build your team’s ability and confidence to handle complaints

Dealing with people in conflict and managing their complaints can be challenging. It’s important your front-line team can handle difficult conversations, listen closely and with empathy so they can assist your customers.


Communication is the key to conflict – and communication runs both ways. Managing complaints effectively requires truly listening to what your customer is saying, and sharing information constructively. Empowering your team with conflict resolution and negotiation skills enables them to better manage and resolve complaints.

At Fair Way, we offer a range of bespoke and general training programmes delivered by experienced practitioners. All sessions can be delivered onsite or virtually.

Our practitioners meet with you to discuss your organisational needs and learning goals. Based on that, we can either design a custom learning package or deliver one of our existing workshop programmes to meet your needs.

The benefits

  • Your people

    Your people

    • Build confidence
    • Learn and grow skills
  • Your Organisation

    Your organisation

    • Support your specialist customer engagement and complaints teams to deliver exceptional customer service

How you handle complaints matters

Our team of experienced conflict resolution professionals use best-practice principles and real-life experience to design and deliver training packages that enable your team to improve their customer relationships and reduce the costs of prolonged conflict.