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The Fair Way team will be available across the Christmas and New Year period, except for the official statutory days.

Please note that we may have reduced capacity in some services during this period.   

You can reach us by phone on 0800 77 44 22 or by email at fairwayinfo@fairwayresolution.com across this period.


Christmas Opening Hours

Mon 19 December – Fri 23 December:

08:30 – 17:00

By Will Story for the Family Advocate, Summer 2022

Written by Will Story for the Family Advocate, Spring 2022 

Based on our experience of the modern workplace, how can organisations support their staff and shift their workplace culture?
Wellbeing is more than aspirational; it is a legal responsibility and commercial reality.
Let our workplaces be richer for the combination of all generations’ voices.
If you have made the decision not to quit but are feeling disengaged and are quietly quitting, perhaps this is the time to consider how to re-engage in your work.
Workplace incivility is rampant and on the rise. Discover what you can do to address it...

Written by Kate Keddell (formerly Kate Hesson) for the Otago Daily Times

Managing conflict crucial to a healthy workplace | Otago Daily Times Online News (odt.co.nz)   
Recent government reports have sadly confirmed that New Zealand has a significant problem with bullying behaviour in our schools, and workplaces.