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Issued: 10 July 2018

FairWay is contracted by ACC to provide an independent dispute resolution service. As part of this service, FairWay reviews decisions made by ACC.

The media has recently published allegations that the independence of this service is compromised because ACC sets Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in its contract with FairWay, and provides feedback to FairWay on individual reviews. We reject any suggestion FairWay’s service lacks independence.

Written by Simon Dadley-Moore

Preparation For Mediation (PFM) is an integral part of FairWay’s FDR service. It has a proven record of increasing the likelihood of parties reaching agreement in mediation. It has been so successful that FairWay are now utilising the PFM service in other areas of their dispute resolution business. So what is PFM and why is it so successful?

Written by Jennifer Mahony for Human Resources Magazine

FairWay’s Jennifer Mahony has published an article entitled ‘Training and development for conflict’ in the Winter 2018 edition of Human Resources Magazine which is a quarterly publication by the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ).

We were delighted to see that Pillars, a partner of FairWay's Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) service, received a gift from the New Zealand Government on the occasion of the marriage of Prince Harry and Ms Megan Markle this weekend.

FairWay Resolution Limited, New Zealand’s largest specialist dispute resolution and conflict management organisation, has promoted Denise Evans to the role of Principal, Dispute Resolution.

Each year FairWay participates in Privacy Week (7 – 11 May 2018), which is led by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

This year’s theme ‘From principles to practice’ was set by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Embracing this theme, we looked at ways we could better put the privacy principles into practice.

FairWay is saying a fond farewell to one of our most experienced mediators, Jay Clarke. Jay joined FairWay initially as an ACC Reviewer, then became our first full time mediator and conciliator in March 2009. Over this time, Jay has helped countless individuals, business and organisations to resolve disputes.

FairWay’s Bill Rainey has published an article entitled ‘Collaborating with the Environment’ in the April 2018 edition of Resource Management Journal (RMJ) which is the official journal of the Resource Management Law Association of New Zealand.

His article can be found on page 15 – 18.

Download the journal here.

As ANZAC Day approaches, FairWay’s Denise Evans and Bruce Reid explore the themes of war, conflict and learning from mistakes of the past.