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We are going through some very difficult and challenging times - as a community, our families and businesses are trying to do their best. With the pressures many are facing it is important to know that there are many organisations that can provide support and help. 

Written by Nurit Zubery – recipient of the 2019 FairWay Resolution Anne Scragg Scholarship

You may be familiar with the phenomenon of when you come across a truly worthy idea, it keeps popping up in various places in your life, in different and often non-related contexts, as if trying to draw your attention or ascertain its value. This happened to me over the last decade with the idea of ‘Create the Space’.

Written by Davinnia Tan, Resolution Practitioner

Adversity is defined as a difficult or unpleasant situation.

An opportunity is defined as a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

The operative word in the definition of ‘opportunity’ is “possible to do something” – this implies that action is required for opportunity to be realised.

The Resilience Project Book Review by Isabel Aldiss

Written by Keri Morris

Firstly, we hope that you and your families are well and safe while we all adapt to the changing landscape. However, we also know that many families are concerned over care of children arrangements during the current circumstances. Lots of parents have been in touch – so we are sharing the most frequently asked questions this week.

Updated 23 March 2020 

Like you, we have been preparing for the situation that has just been announced. 

In doing so we have been developing our working from home capability and completing the creation of our virtual office. 

Written by Keri Morris and Nurit Zubery

Updated 16 March 2020

Like most of you, we are closely monitoring the Government advice around COVID-19. As an organisation, the wellbeing of our people and customers is a priority for us.

We are continuing to monitor the developing situation very closely and we want to share with you an update about our enhanced measures to help reduce the possible spread of the novel coronavirus.

Denise Evans monthly ‘making of a mediator’ blog series is aimed at dispute resolution professionals.
Each month, she will explore different topics and share her own reflections as a mediator.

The FairWay team will be available across the Christmas and New Year period, except for the official statutory days.

Please note that we may have reduced capacity in some services during this period.   

You can reach us by phone on 0800 77 44 22 or by email at fairwayinfo@fairwayresolution.com across this period.

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Mon 23 December – Tues 24 December:
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