Master Builders disputes

Early resolution of issues

Communication is the key to keeping building projects moving forward – and the earlier issues are resolved, the better.

Fair Way provides a free and independent early facilitation service for homeowners to work through any concerns with registered Master Builders. 

About the process

Fair Way’s independent facilitator helps all sides communicate effectively. During the process, they help you clarify the issues and understand each other's perspective.

Facilitation encourages both homeowners and builders to provide options and solutions to reach resolution. 

Facilitation can take place online, by phone or email. 

It's free for all involved

This service is provided by the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA) to assist builders and homeowners resolve issues and get back on track early, before a serious dispute develops.  

There’s no cost to either the Master Builder member or homeowner.

Important information

  • The facilitator's role

    The facilitator guides communication in a collaborative and constructive way. They are a neutral third party, so they don’t take sides with either the homeowner or the builder. They create a safe environment and process to share information and have conversations.

    The facilitator doesn’t make decisions or provide legal advice.

  • Confidentiality

    All discussions and documents are confidential to this process and can’t be used in any other process.

    This gives parties the freedom to discuss the matters in dispute without worrying that offers made in the spirit of resolving issues may be used elsewhere.

  • Site visits

    If there’s a difference of opinion regarding the standard of work, Fair Way can request that the Regional Service Manager (RSM) does a site visit to inspect the work and provide a report. This may include suggestions for remedial work.

    Any report prepared during this service is available only for the purpose of resolving this dispute.

  • Remaining issues

    Fair Way’s experience is that facilitated early discussions can help move the parties towards resolving some or all of their dispute.

    If any issues remain unresolved after facilitation, we can provide mediation and other services at extra cost.

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