Case studies

  • Facilitation about unpaid building invoice

    Case study
    During the building process for a new home, plans changed. Multiple variations were made to the contact and unique additions were added to the plans. Following failed mediations, unsuccessful legal representation and creditors chasing up the building company for outstanding amounts, the builders reached out to Fair Way for assistance.
  • The terrible twos

    Case study
    Case studies are a great opportunity to learn. In this case study, after a two-year delay, the design and contract for a building project were no longer fit for purpose. Fair Way was approached by the builder, who had incurred significant additional costs during the building project.
  • Keep talking

    Case study
    The building sector is facing a triple threat this winter – supply chain issues, COVID-19 impacts and a skills shortage. Our number one piece of advice for builders and homeowners is to keep talking. Communication is the key to keeping projects moving and preventing issues from escalating into disputes.