Organisational audit

Independent reviews and audits provide insight into your culture

Any organisation can benefit from a little external scrutiny from time to time. Certainly when something clearly isn’t working, or, even better, before things start going wrong. Our team of experienced practitioners can audit your processes and support systems to help identify what’s working well, and where there’s room for improvement.


Fresh eyes can make a big difference. Having someone external review your organisation can shine a light on issues or opportunities for improvement.

Fair Way is often asked to review internal complaint processes and mechanisms, and to audit their effectiveness.  

Depending on your needs, we design a process that works for you. This could involve conversations with your team, reviewing policies and procedures, and testing these systems.

The benefits

  • Your people

    Your people

    • Independence provides perspective
    • Transparent and fair process
    • Issues identified
    • Opportunity to be heard
  • Your Organisation

    Your organisation

    • Quality process
    • Identify issues early and professionally
    • Use insights to enact change and improvements
    • Prevent escalation of issues and costly legal disputes
    • Strenghten internal processes

Right people and right process

Fair Way’s practitioners are fully accredited through the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of NZ (AMINZ), the NZ Law Society or the Resolution Institute, and have experience in employment and workplace matters. They will design and conduct a process so you can get quickly get to the bottom of organisational issues. Once you know the facts, you can make better decisions and move forward.