Dispute resolution schemes

Independent dispute resolution schemes reassure customers

Your business might not always get it right or have the skills in-house to manage complaints and disputes effectively. We can provide your customers somewhere independent to go if something doesn’t go to plan. 


Some industries or professions must offer independent dispute resolution schemes to give customers confidence in their commitment to consumer satisfaction, and meet their industries’ regulations. 

However, offering an independent dispute resolution scheme is great for any businesses’ reputation, even if not required. Customers feel more secure using your services knowing you’re committed to your customers and your products. They also know that specialist help is available if required.

At Fair Way, we’re the experts in dispute resolution. It’s in our name, as ‘kia tau’ means ‘to settle, to resolve, to calm’.

We have vast experience doing so across a range of industries, including the building and construction, financial, education and telecommunications sectors. So, talk to us about how we can meet your business’ – and your customers’ – dispute resolution needs.

The benefits

  • Your people

    Your customers

    Your customers can:

    • easily make complaints
    • trust they have been heard 
    • benefit from an independent perspective
    • feel safe and supported
    • resolve issues early and effectively
    • feel valued as a customer
    • have trust and confidence in your brand
  • Your Organisation

    Your organisation

    Your organisation can:

    • identify and learn from complaints
    • resolve issues early and effectively
    • build trust and confidence in your brand
    • mitigate reputational risks
    • demonstrate commitment to your customer
    • outsource a niche function
    • call on independent, expert dispute resolution services available when needed.

Every step of the way

Fair Way operates a range of independent dispute resolution schemes. Each step of the way, we’re there to support your customers to navigate and resolve their issue. Our team of Resolution Coordinators guide them through the process – from their initial contact, triaging their issue and providing informal assistance, through to appointing a Resolution Practitioner to assist more formally if required.