Kāpehu coaching

Empower your people to navigate issues

Kāpehu means ‘compass’. Our Kāpehu coaching service is a safe place for your team to turn to for direction on how they can overcome issues, challenges and conflict at work.


Kāpehu is a coaching service focused on solutions, which workplaces sign up to for their people to access when required. It guides people through any issues they experience at work by supporting them to decide the next step to take, and to develop the appropriate skills to help in them decide.  

Anyone experiencing a challenge can benefit from Kāpehu – including people leaders and managers of all tiers. Kāpehu is a safe space to talk about work, create a plan and receive guidance. This confidential service supports and guides people, taking existing organisational resources into account, such as human resources departments, Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) and unions.

The benefits

  • Your people

    Your people

    • Build conflict management capability
    • Increase resilience
    • Self-manage situations
    • Feel empowered and supported
    • Resolve issues professionally and quickly
    • Preserve workplace relationships
  • Your Organisation

    Your organisation

    • Reduce work-related stress and anxiety
    • Identify and resolve issues early
    • Prevent escalation of issues and costly grievances
    • Improve workplace productivity, culture and engagement
    • Create more positive team dynamics
    • Discover useful organisational insights

Kāpehu drapes a korowai around you

It’s a wrap-around service. It’s a safe space. It means having an expert on standby when you need it most. Once your organisation has signed up, your people contact Kāpehu directly – usually over the phone – to arrange one-on-one sessions with practitioners experienced in conflict resolution.