Learning and development

Build new skills and capabilities in your organisation

How invaluable would you find a team that's ready and equipped to have difficult conversations with internal stakeholders and external customers? 


At Fair Way, we offer a range of bespoke and general training programmes delivered by experienced practitioners using insights from our real-life experience. All sessions can be delivered onsite or virtually, as required.

First, our practitioners meet with you to discuss your organisational needs and learning goals. Based on your direction, we can either design a custom learning package or deliver one of our existing workshop programmes.

Common learning areas

  • Internal focus

    Internal focus

    • Challenging conversations
    • Giving feedback
    • Leadership coaching
  • External focus

    External focus

    • Effective apologies
    • Complaints handling
    • Conflict resolution skills

The benefits of learning programmes

  • Leaders build new skills and capabilities to support and grow effective, thriving teams
  • Support specialist customer engagement and complaints teams to deliver exceptional customer experience
  • Increase resilience and decrease the negative effects of conflict on your people