Mediation resolves issues and restore relationships

Mediation makes seemingly impossible conversations possible. Ensuring your people have access to mediation processes with the guidance of an experienced practitioner empowers them to know their issues will be addressed in a positive way.


We provide private mediation services so you can proactively resolve conflict, prevent issues from escalating and make a positive difference to workplace relationships – and your workplace.

Mediation can make a big difference in repairing relationships, which is crucial for successful team dynamics.

Our mediators encourage people to understand each other’s perspectives, talk through the issues, identify mutual interests, develop realistic options, and find a solution everyone can agree to.

Our mediators do not make decisions for those involved, nor do they focus on a settlement or a particular outcome. Rather, our Fair Way mediators focus on restoring relationships and empowering people to find their own fair way towards a resolution.

The benefits

  • Your people

    Your people

    • Resolve conflict
    • Restore relationships
    • Move forward
  • Your Organisation

    Your organisation

    • Quick and appropriate response to issues
    • Retain people
    • Minimise need for adversarial processes
    • Reduce involvement of advocates and lawyers
    • Prevent costly disputes, grievances and settlements

Mediation helps reach timely resolutions

Speed, efficiency and quality matter when it comes to resolving workplace issues. Waiting several days or even weeks to have issues sorted can have a significant and negative impact on the workplace.

At Fair Way, we aim to organise mediations within a week of the first contact with us. These take place at a time and place that works for your people.