Mediation resolves issues and restore relationships

Mediation makes seemingly impossible conversations possible. Ensuring your people have access to mediation processes with the guidance of an experienced practitioner empowers them to know their issues will be addressed in a positive way.


Mediation is a way to resolve disputes between people or groups with the help of a neutral mediator to assist them in reaching a jointly acceptable resolution to the issues in conflict.

Mediation helps people get unstuck from their positions and discover solutions they can use to resolve their dispute. By creating a calm atmosphere that recognises people’s values, mediated meetings can bring back respect, and restore a direct line of communication so people can talk about their perspectives rather than their demands or position. By taking a step back from their position and understanding each other, people can take a fresh look at their dispute.

We use a consensus-based approach to mediation and focus on restoring communication and relationships so people can calmly and professionally resolve their dispute.

Mediation has a high rate of success with 70-80% of cases agreeing to some or all matters on the day of mediation and 10-15% resolving a few days later*. Making it a must consider option over formal procedures.

*The Tenth Mediation Audit - CEDR

The benefits

  • Your people

    Your people

    • Resolve underlying issues, not just the immediate conflict
    • Develop and agree on a creative, workable and mutually acceptable solution
    • Move forward
  • Your Organisation

    Your organisation

    • Prevent costly grievances and settlements
    • Retain people
    • Provides a private, quick and cost-effective forum for disputes
    • Reduce involvement of advocates and lawyers

Mediation helps reach timely resolutions

Speed, efficiency and quality matter when it comes to resolving workplace issues. Waiting several days or even weeks to have issues sorted can have a significant and negative impact on the workplace.

At Fair Way, we aim to organise mediations within a week of the first contact with us. These take place at a time and place that works for your people.