An impartial investigation informs your next step

Sometimes workplace conflict and disputes can escalate beyond something you can deal with using your own in-house systems.  When that happens, bringing in an independent, impartial third party is the way to go.


At Fair Way, we are the experts in dispute resolution. We provide experienced and independent third-party experts who bring fairness and transparency to an investigation process.  The results of our investigations help you make clear, informed decisions.

We can conduct a review or investigation for any workplace matter, then provide you with an independent report and recommendations. By bringing in us as a third party, we ensure the integrity of the process and findings.

We take time to understand what's going on for you and your people. We develop terms of reference and a process that works for you. This might include interviews with your team, reviewing your processes and policies, and looking into the facts behind a particular matter.

We manage the process in confidence and with sensitivity. Our independence enhances the value of the findings. We provide you with valuable insights and recommendations that you can use to inform your next steps.

If further support is required following an investigation, for example training or facilitated conversations with the team, Fair Way can provide wraparound services.

The benefits

  • Your people

    Your people

    • Transparent and fair process
    • Opportunity to be heard
    • Clarity brings finality
  • Your Organisation

    Your organisation

    • Quality process
    • Credible and experienced investigators
    • Factual findings for informed decision making
    • Actionable recommendations
    • Meet statutory employment obligations
    • Strengthen internal processes
    • Manage potential reputational risks

Facts help you move forward

When your internal policies or employment obligations call for an independent investigation, we at Fair Way would love to help.

We conduct investigations in a safe and non-judgmental manner, treating participants with empathy and the subject matter with the sensitivity it deserves.

Once you know the facts, you can make better decisions and move forward.