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Fair Way's Privacy Policy Statement

This statement applies to Fair Way and all of its business units and services. Fair Way is committed to managing your personal information in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act 2020.

  • What is personal information?

    Personal info

    Personal information is any information which tells us something about a specific individual.

    In your interactions with Fair Way this may range from your contact details, to details about your dispute. It may include information that you have provided to Fair Way, and information that others have provided with your consent.

  • Sharing your information

    Sharing info

    Fair Way does not give information about you to other government agencies, organisations or anyone else unless any of the following applies:

    • One of the reasons we obtained the information was to give it to someone else, for example, you are a party to proceedings.
    • You have consented.
    • It is required or authorised by the Privacy Act 2020 or by any other law.
    • It will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to public health or safety or to somebody's life or health.
    • The information is to be used in a way that will not identify you, or it is to be used for quality assurance, statistical or research purposes and will not be published in a way that will identify you.
  • Collection of personal information

    Collecting info

    Fair Way collects personal information directly from you about your dispute, and from others to whom you have provided consent to send your personal information to us.

    Please refer to Fair Way's website practice notice below for how we collect information when you visit our websites.

  • Use of personal information

    Using info

    Fair Way uses your personal information primarily in relation to resolving your dispute. Our secondary purpose includes use of your personal information to improve service delivery and performance management through business analysis, process improvement, and marketing. Fair Way only uses aggregated or de-identified personal information, unless operationally impossible.

  • Disclosure or transfer


    Fair Way discloses or transfers your personal information to parties involved in the disputes as required, for performance management and monitoring of service delivery, or as authorised by law.

  • Information protection

    Info protection

    Fair Way keeps your personal information only for as long as it is necessary to carry out our conflict management functions, and as required by law. Fair Way will keep your information in a secure environment.

  • Your choices

    Your choices

    If you want to check the personal information that Fair Way has about you, or receive a copy of that information, you can contact us by email (privacy@fairwayresolution.com), by phone 0800 77 44 22 by post to:

    Privacy Officer
    Fair Way Resolution Limited
    PO Box 2272, Wellington 6140

    On providing proof of your identity, Fair Way will provide access to the personal information Fair Way keeps about you within a month of the request, free of charge. If appropriate, you may have the information amended. If Fair Way is not responsible for the information you are looking to access or correct, Fair Way will redirect you to the appropriate party. Where information is not amended, following a request, a note regarding your request will be attached to your file.

    See the Privacy Commissioner's website for more information.

  • ACC reviews

    Adjudication Arbitration Review

    ACC reviewers, through the process of conducting a review, are acting in the nature of a tribunal. Because of this, it may be necessary for them to collect, use and disclose information for the conduct of the review. The reviewer has a statutory duty to comply with the principles of natural justice, and so must ensure all parties to the review have the same information. This means a reviewer may provide information to a party to the proceeding.

    The review hearing is recorded to comply with the reviewer’s statutory duty to record the evidence and to assist with the reviewer’s decision making. The recording can also be used for quality control purposes, and in the event of any investigation. Both parties can request access to the audio recording of the review. Fair Way will prepare a transcript of the reviewer's decision to the District Court, and ACC then provides this to the court. 

  • Speak Safe @ Fair Way (Fire and Emergency)

    Your Organisation
  • Website practices notice

    Online form

    This statement applies to use of the Fair Way's website.

    Collection of personal information on Fair Way's website

    Fair Way does not collect personal information while you are browsing this website. Fair Way also does not use cookies to store personal information. You can access and use Fair Way's website with cookies disabled in your browser settings.

    We do use Google Analytics to create summary statistics that allow us to assess the number of visitors to different sections of the website, identify what information is of most and least interest, monitor system performance, and help us make our website more useful to visitors.

    To do this, Google Analytics collects and stores the following data when you visit the website:

    • Your service address (IP address).
    • The date, time and duration of your visit to the site.
    • The pages you accessed and the documents you downloaded.
    • The type of browser you used.

    For more information on the use of cookies, please visit Fair Way's Cookie Policy Statement.

  • Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) Systems


    CCTV cameras are deployed in internal public spaces and some meeting rooms of Fair Way’s offices.  Our office locations are in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

    Our CCTV systems do not record audio, other than the intercom system at the entry door for our Auckland office.

    The primary purpose of our CCTV cameras is to keep staff and visitors safe from workplace health and safety risks. The secondary purpose of our CCTV cameras is general office security, such as monitoring people entering our reception areas.

    CCTV footage is stored in Fair Way’s systems for up to 30 days (unless longer retention is required for incident investigation) and is only accessed if required for health, safety or security incidents. Footage may be passed on to the NZ Police if required.  We use reasonable security safeguards to protect CCTV footage against loss, manipulation, misuse and unauthorised access.  CCTV footage is only accessed by authorised personnel.

    Under the principle 6 of the Privacy Act 2020, you may access footage of yourself at any time. Any requests can be made here: privacy@fairwayresolution.com

Get in touch Process

How to contact us

If you wish to contact us about this statement, please contact our Privacy Officer by email (privacy@fairwayresolution.com), or by phone 0800 77 44 22.

You can also post a letter to:

Privacy Officer
Fair Way Resolution Limited
PO Box 2272, Wellington 6140