Expert services

Our experts support your formal HR processes

At Fair Way, we are the dispute resolution experts. We have a vast team of highly experienced dispute resolution professionals who can handle any human resources situation. If you’d like our experts to support your HR team, offering them another set of independent and highly skilled hands, get in touch with us and have a confidential conversation with our friendly team. 


When matters escalate, formal processes may be called for. Our Fair Way experts are perfectly skilled to support your internal processes, especially when the situation would benefit from an independent person – such as when senior peers, partners or co-owners are involved in the matter.

At Fair Way, we provide a range of professional employment services, including chairing hearings, grievance processes, disciplinary panels or workplace consultations.

Our independent practitioners add a layer of credibility and impartiality to your process, which is important to ensuring natural justice principles are observed and upheld.

The benefits

  • Your people

    Your people

    • HR team is supported appropriately
    • Alleviate fear of retribution for participants
    • Individuals involved can trust the process
    • Overcome internal bias
    • Provide a fair process
  • Your Organisation

    Your organisation

    • Confidentiality
    • Impartiality
    • Independence
    • Expertise

Get external support when you need it

Allegations of serious misconduct against senior staff can be difficult to navigate as your people may fear retribution. You must also avoid the perception of sweeping allegations under the rug.

External assistance from Fair Way strengthens your HR processes. It provides an added layer of confidentiality for discreet matters.

You know the matter will be dealt with swiftly, independently – and fairly.