Mō mātou

About us

Kia tau means ‘to settle, to resolve, to calm’
– it’s what we do.

Dispute resolution, through collaboration where possible, is the name of our game. Working between all parties involved in a dispute, we discuss and we listen. We are informed and we are always fair. We treat our clients and their issues with empathy and understanding. We support them to collaborate and negotiate.

  • At every step of the way, we are a safe and trusted pair of hands working with all parties to find a fair way towards a solution, no matter how complex the issue.

    For more than 20 years, Kiwi organisations have partnered with Fair Way to prevent and manage conflict. Every day we support Kiwi businesses, families and consumers through our range of private services and public schemes.

    We make a difference in New Zealanders’ lives – and we absolutely love it. We welcome stressed people into our sessions, and we watch them leave relieved of that stress, their conflicts resolved. We help them move on with their lives.

    In the workplace arena, we’re innovators. We introduced new services to Aotearoa New Zealand based on international best practice, and we are always looking for better ways to resolve conflict early.

    We settle and resolve issues. We educate and innovate. As a Fair Way customer, you benefit from restored and strengthened relationships.

  • We create the calm that everyone is looking for. We help you to resolve disputes. Kia tau.

Our approach

  • The best approach is to resolve conflict as early as possible, and with our help you can do that. 

    We're here to empower you to reach a resolution together where you can, or provide closure through independent decision making when you can't. 

    Our philosophy is to prevent future conflict from arising by building the skills of our clients and customers throughout their conflict journey. 

    We support you, every step of the way as you prepare for, manage, resolve, and learn from conflict.

    Kia tau ai te mauri tū. Together, we create the calm that everyone is looking for.

    Fair Way. Kia Tau.


Our customer promise

  • Your information and experience

    Kia tau means to settle, to resolve, to calm. That's our job. 

    We are committed to providing a fair and independent process to enable people in conflict to move forward.

    We promise to help you understand and prepare for the dispute resolution process, and to empower you to fully participate in reaching a fair solution.

    Our friendly and highly trained team are dedicated to listening, recognising your needs, and keeping you updated.

    Your privacy is also important to us, so we treat your information with care and respect, and keep your data safe and secure.

Our logo

  • Our logo is inspired by the mangōpare design, which represents the hammerhead shark. It’s a symbol of strength, determination, leadership and agility. 

    The symbol is created with three lines. In toi whakairo, the repetition of three lines (haehae) represents the three elements that make up a journey: past, present and future. People’s past issues bring them to Fair Way for resolution in the present, and together they can move forward to a peaceful future.

  • Fairway Logo

Our values

Our fundamental values are to pursue excellence in all we do through:

  • Professionalism – doing what is tika

    Providing a high-quality service that meets customer expectations and professional standards, ensuring customers have trust in the fairness of our services.

  • Integrity – doing what is pono

    Upholding ethical standards and communicating in an open, honest and transparent way. Always focused on the health and safety of our people and customers.

  • Collaboration – to do mahi tahi

    Seeking opportunities to work in teams towards shared objectives, knowledge, and success.

  • Fairness – doing what is tōkeke

    Abiding by objective standards, allowing full participation in our processes, and giving all voices an opportunity to be heard.

  • Empathy – doing what we do with aroha

    Acknowledging where people are coming from and identifying their needs by asking, listening and clarifying. Demonstrating respect to one another and our customers, acknowledging difference, and encouraging diversity.

Our journey

We began as a division of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), carrying out reviews when a customer disagreed with a decision regarding their claim. Then we became an independent organisation, formerly known as Dispute Resolution Services Limited (DRSL). 

Since then, within Crown-ownership we evolved into Fair Way Resolution Limited (Fair Way), New Zealand’s largest specialist conflict management company, with a team of over 200 people throughout New Zealand. Our next step was transitioning to private employee-ownership from 1 July 2017. 

We have grown in experience and expertise. We offer a wide range of services to help New Zealanders in conflict move forward, working across a wide range of industries both in the public and private sector.