Conflict happens – what’s important is how you manage it

Conflict can easily occur in close communities.

When conflict happens in a retirement village, it’s happening in your home, where you should feel happiest and safest.  If your loved ones are in a retirement village, it is particularly distressing when you have entrusted others with their care and the relationship with their carers is in difficulty.

So, it’s all the more important that issues in retirement villages are taken seriously and residents’ concerns are worked through swiftly

About us

At Fair Way, we’re approved to provide dispute resolution services for retirement village operators, residents, and their families. Usually, that’s simply about providing a calm environment that allows for effective communication so you can work together to find solution.

It’s important that people feel supported and prepared every step of the way. Residents are welcome to bring along someone they trust to be by their side during the process. Having a close friend or family member come along to support can make a big difference.

Fair Way is approved by the Retirement Commissioner to provide mediation services for retirement villages and residents.

Listed below are some of the ways we can assist with conflict in retirement villages. 

Resolve issues and disputes

  • Facilitation

    Facilitation is a great option to explore issues and agree actions early before they become a serious dispute.

    An impartial facilitator can help host meetings and kickstart effective conversations. They create a process that enables you to share information and perspectives.

    Their role is to help the people involved communicate constructively – they do not make decisions. Rather, as someone neutral, they keep discussions on track so you can resolve your own issues.

  • Mediation

    Mediation is a way to resolve a dispute collaboratively. An independent mediator helps you navigate challenging conversations. They create a safe environment to explore issues, to understand each other’s perspectives and develop options together. The aim of mediation is to work together to find a solution and reach an agreement that everyone can agree to. Mediation can also help you restore communication and repair relationships. 

    Mediation is an important step in the complaints process for retirement villages. They must follow a formal complaints process which includes the option of mediation. Mediation can also be used to resolve informal complaints.

Manage and prevent conflict

  • Training

    Fair Way provides conflict training for retirement villages. We also provide training to support retirement village operators and their teams in managing complaints involving older people.

    Our training programmes are delivered by experienced practitioners using insights from our real-life experience. All sessions can be delivered onsite or virtually.

    Talk to us about your needs. Fair Way’s practitioners will meet with you to discuss your organisational needs and learning goals. Based on your direction, Fair Way can either design a custom learning package or deliver one of our existing workshop programmes.

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We will discuss your situation, talk about dispute resolution options or training support, and give you an indication of the fee based on the information you give us. We quote a fixed fee in most circumstances.